FEST Registration

Membership: All participating theaters are required to be a current member of PACT and must have paid the minimal AACT fee or be a member of AACT in order to be considered eligible for advancement prior to tech-in for the festival.  It is best to ensure this is done with your registration. 

Production Forms: AACT has changed the process for forms to be used for festival.  I have attached the links for the following forms.  Please complete these and send to me for your entry.  The forms submitted to the state level are then forwarded on by the Festival Commissioner to the Regional Festival Chair when the advancing productions are selected.


Click HERE for production info forms for companies for fest entrys

WHEN FILLING OUT FORMS:Do not fill out forms in your browser. Instead, download each form to your computer, & save in Adobe Acrobat Reader or Pro. Fill out and save with your name in the file name [ For example: JohnDoeFormT1.pdf ]. Once saved, open and check to make sure your information is there. Then attach C & F forms to an email and send to  

I have also included the PACTFest Checklist, please note that our validation of rights is different from AACT.  AACT will be sending to the Agent or Playwright notification of your production as provided in the Warranty of Compliance.  As a state we are not required to obtain this from you, however should there be a question or a dispute that rights were obtained in the future that would result in disqualification, as a state we want to ensure you have no issues. 


Click HERE for the REVISED AACTfest Handbook 2017.

If you are having a festival or an adjudicator come in to adjudicate prior to PACT, the AACT link above includes the Adjudicator’s Guide but the key information is below and it is highly recommended that your adjudicators are familiar with this information Adjudicators for festivals in the 2017 AACTFest cycle must be individuals with a wide range of theatrical training and experience. Adjudicators view each festival production and share their observations with the entering companies and the audience. Comments should be confined to those within the AACT Adjudication Guidelines (below). Plays are to be adjudicated based on the overall production, with acting and directing as the major elements. All types of productions (comedy, drama, original works, musicals, revues, avant-garde, “controversial,” etc.) are acceptable entries to the festival and must be considered on a similar basis, with the best production being the one most fully realizing the intent of the material and the concept for theshow. Design and technical competence is to be given consideration as to its effectiveness as an integral part of the total production experience.Each company has a free choice of material (a one-act, a cutting, a selected act, etc.). Adjudicators may not question the choice, except as to its appropriateness for the company, and comment only on how it was performed. AACT Adjudication GuidelinesAmong the criteria to be considered are:• Is the acting believable and technically skillful with effective timing?• Are the characters well interpreted?• Does the company display ensemble work?• Is the material appropriate for the company?• Is the concept appropriate for the material and realized by the company?• Has the structure of the production been controlled?• Are the movements and stage pictures effective?• Is the production well paced?• Do the technical elements support the overall production?• How effective was the total impact?Focus is to be placed on positive solutions to problems the companies have with production issues by suggesting alternative possibilities. Productions may advance to other festivals; these companies should be able to benefit by incorporating the adjudicators’ comments. Caution: the adjudicator should not redirect the show.



PA State Festival for the

American Association of Community Theatres AACT National Year

When: March 16-19, 2017

Host:  COMMUNITY THEATRE LEAGUE                                    100 West Third Street, Williamsport, PA 17701                  570-327-1777

Host Hotel:  

$84/per night plus tax.

Code is PACTFest

Holiday Inn Williamsport

100 Pine Street

Williamsport PA  17701




Click HERE to order Festival Tickets.


Click HERE for the 2017 PACTfest Schedule.


Click HERE for PACT fest fees form. 



Festival Details:

PACTFest will be held March 16-19, 2017 at Community Theatre League in Williamsport PA.

All competing productions entered that wish to be considered to advance for ESTAFest and AACTFest must follow the following guidelines:

10-60-10 This means all productions may not exceed 10 Minute Set-up/60 Minute Performance Time/10 Minute Strike Time

We recommend using the AACT Forms from AACT website and familiarize yourself with the Festival Handbook as well as “Cutting a Play—Legally” should you be planning to cut a production.

Reserve your performance spot now by completing and forwarding the forms by USPS Mail:

PACT (PA Assoc. Community Theatres)

Attn: Marsha L. Amato-Greenspan

PO BOX 4378

Wilmington DE 19807-0378

Or Email forms to:


Click Here for the PACT Membership Form.

Click Here for the PACTfest2017 registration forms and fees.

Downloadable Handbook & Related Documents

AACTFest 2017 Handbook (all sections)


AACTFest Forms for Companies & Festival Chairs


Summary of Changes to AACTFest Handbook 2017


Production Entry fee is $75 for Competition production and $45 for Showcase production.  All productions must be a member of PACT to participate for performance,

Productions that wish to advance to ESTAFest and AACTFest must be a member or pay the minimum AACT membership prior to March 1, 2017.

Individual session fees to be determined by March 1, 2017.